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Smart Sonic+ T11

Wireless Charging Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

5 Kinds of supersonic wave modes:Tiro; Whitening; Gums Care ; Clean tongue ; Special care

Scientific brushing soft frequency wide vibration

Frequency is 24000~33000 times / mins

Full Body Waterproof IPX7 ,DuPont Soft Bristle

If you need OEM your own brand on product

Please send an email to us 


The design of the small brush head hair can penetrate the gaps on both sides of the back groove and the teeth,and the rounded bristles protect the gums

Imported DuPont soft bristles, the US FDA certified dense bristles distribution, easy to clean teeth.

Food grade TPE soft rubber material to prevent painful teeth from vibration and protect sensitive oral mucosa

Soft tongue brush

Inductive Wireless Charging 

You could charging with your phone charger .DC 5V  with USB Plug

Transparent base design, Charged 10 hour , you could keep use it for 60 days

This electric toothbrush that is very suitable for travel.

women electric toothbrush

Gift Carton Box Packing

Simple and generous, rectangular design,

It is very suitable as a gift to your family and friends

Packing List 

  • Travel Box
  • Electric toothbrush handle*1
  • Brush head*1
  • Wireless charging base *1

OEM Service 

All of packing have printed our brand logo ( Smart Sonic+)

We accept brand OEM customization,

If you want to customize your own brand on our product packaging or products,

Please contact us


Parent-child set

In order to promote parent-child relationship, we have designed a toothbrush parent-child suit so that you can accompany your child to grow every day.

Packing List 

  • Electric toothbrush handle*2
  • Brush head*2
  • Brush head cover *2
  • Travel Box *2
  • Wireless charging base *1 and Charging Plug *1

Use toothbrush correctly

Soak the toothbrush head and squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush head

Recommended amount of toothpaste: the amount of toothbrush equivalent to the length of

the brush head can make the cleaning effect the best.


Couple Set Electric Toothbrush

Two people get along with each other every day to brush their teeth and protect each other’s oral health.

Even if you travel together

Packing List 

  • Electric toothbrush handle*2
  • Brush head*2
  • Brush head cover *2
  • Travel Box *2
  • USB Wires * 2

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